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Good Evening, and welcome to the first live Weather Station on the Isle of Wight, situated on the outskirts of Newport. Here, you can find details of past and present weather conditions, forecasts, climate and trends to be found whilst living or holidaying on the Isle of Wight. We have weather data and details from Newport, Bleakdown, Brighstone, Freshwater, Central Newport, Sandown and Ryde. With the exceptions of routine back up and maintenance to our data systems, isleofwightweather is on line 24 hours a day giving you the information you need when you need it. During extreme weather conditions, we update our data more frequently.

weather conditions from the Isle of Wight Weather Station at Newport, taken on 24/09/18 at 22:30
station location 50:43.13N 1:16:13W @ 45ft amsl
weather conditions Dry and Night time/Dry with Calm Calm.
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current webcam image

Current webcam image

ambient conditions Ambient conditions icon
sea conditions calm-glassy sea
local weather metar Southampton weather metar
current weather alarm --- threshold exceeded
short term forecast partly cloudy with little temp. change.
isle of wight temperature / humidity summary [click for comprehensive detail]
air temperature / change in last hour 6.0C (42.8F) / -1.4 C (-2.6F)
minimum / maximum air temperature 4.7C (40.5F) at 07:43 / 15.8C (60.4F) at 15:22
feels like 6C
apparent temperature 5.0C
apparent solar temperature 5.0C
average temperature 6am - 6pm 11.8 C (53.2 F)
average temperature 6pm - 6am 10.1 C (50.2 F)
soil temperature /soil moisture 12C / 45.0 cb
minimum / maximum soil temperature 11C / 16C
wind chill temperature 6.0C
minimum / maximum wind chill 4.7C at 07:43 / 15.8C at 15:22
dew point temperature 2.6C (36.7F)
humidity 79%, change in last hour +4%
minimum / maximum humidity 50% at 15:52 / 95% at 08:53
isle of wight wind summary [click for comprehensive detail]
wind speed and direction 0.0mph Calm, (51 degrees)
beaufort wind speed force 0 bft (Calm)
wind run 52.90 miles
maximum gust since 0 hour 14 mph (12.5 knots) at 10:50
maximum gust last hour 0mph
cloud base